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Leaders to Leaders 2017

The programme will take place on August 1-5, 2017 in Hong Kong with the presence of 5 eminent global leaders from different countries to share their knowledge and experience with young leaders in Hong Kong. Leaders to Leaders 2017 identifies five issues to be dealt with, namely Women Empowerment, represented by Lina Khalifeh, Climate Change, represented by Yolanda Joab, Poverty and Education, represented by Arizza Nocum,  Public Speaking, represented by Darren Tay, and Social Investment, represented by Jasmine Lau. This summer, over 1,000 youths will be physically engaged in the programme, including both students and working youths.


Participant Profile

  • Young talents between the ages of 18-35 with passion in bringing changes to Hong Kong society

  • Initiator of significant project(s)/ Founder of organizations(s) (preferred)

  • Track record on leadership

  • Interested in project management/entrepreneurship

  • Good interpersonal and communications skills

  • Proficient in English



Participants are welcome to apply the programme individually or by forming a team of up to 4 members.



1.   At least half of the team are Hong Kong residents (e.g. in the team of 3, only

      1 non-HK resident can join while a max of 2 members can be non-HK

      residents in a team of 4)

2.   Since the organisation, SheFighter, of Lina Khalifeh aims at training female

      with martial arts-related skills, only female apprentices will be accepted to

      her apprenticeship programme to avoid body contact between different


Session Format
Despite dialogues with the global leaders, the whole program comprises of 3 major interactive events, namely


1.   A 72-hour Impact Challenge Competition in Hong Kong
      “Unleash your creativity and mobilisation ability” 
      Design and execute self-initiated service projects/social campaigns in 

      any format to maximise public awareness of the global issues identified in       the above.
2.   A FREE Overseas Apprenticeship opportunity
      “Shadowing the global leaders to understand their mission and vision”

      Overseas apprenticeship opportunity will be awarded to the winners of the

      72-hour Impact Challenge Competition. Three leaders, Lina Khalifeh

      (SheFighter, Jordan), Arizza Nocum (KRIS Library, the Philippines) and

      Jasmine Lau (Philanthropy in Motion, Beijing, China) will offer

      apprenticeship opportunities at the headquarter of their organisations      

      for around a month for the apprentices to learn about operation of the


  • A Sponsorship of HK$2,000 will be provided by The HKFYG.

  • Accommodation valued at HK$10,000 at local host family/apartment will be provided by the host institution.

  • No allowance/salary will be provided.

  • Apprentice shall bear all other costs including but not limited to local transportation, meal expenses, insurance, passport and visa costs, and any other incidental expenses during the period of apprenticeship.   

*Exclusive to female due to studio setting in Jordan and SheFighter

3.   Extension Project
      “A Fast Track to become a “Regional Director” or “Founder” of Social

      Institution - marking a milestone on your career path”

      Upon return from the apprenticeship, the apprentice shall either set up a

      new chapter of the respective organisation in Hong Kong or start a new

      initiative addressing the related issue for 6 months. Guidance and

      support will be provided by the host institution and The HKFYG throughout       the project. 

Important points to note

1.   Visa

      Participants are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa or working

      permit required by the country of the host institution prior to the departure


  • Holder of valid HKSAR Passport enjoys 30 days visa-free entry to Jordan. For more information, please contact the Jordan Consulate in Hong Kong.

  • Holder of valid HKSAR Passport can apply for tourist visa for the maximum stay of 59 days in the Philippines. The visa fee is HK$200. Release of visas is from Monday to Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00pm. 2 working days is required for visa processing. For more information, please contact the Philippines Consulate General, Hong Kong.

  • Holder of valid Home Visit Permit enjoys visa-free entry to Beijing, China. For more information, please contact China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited.

  • Holder of other passports and travelling documents are advised to check the visa details with the their respective Consulate Office.

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